My experience choosing a credit reporting service

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After looking at the websites for Transunion, Equifax and Experian and the products they offered, I tried Transunion first.


My first impressions are not favorable.

Their credit report has my address completely and utterly wrong. Wrong street and wrong city. Go figure. I tried to initiate an online dispute. The page asks for a file number and password. I have no clue what they're asking for and there is nothing on the page explaining it. I called them at 800-493-2392 and a guy who could barely speak english answered. (Oh great, here we go with off-shore support). I managed to get the file number from him after having him repeat it several times. I wanted to try it immediately to see if it would work and he said he had other calls to answer and could not wait while I tried. However, he had the time to try and sell me something. I just hung up. I entered the file number. I assumed the password was the same one I created when I enrolled in the service. NOT. I called them back and another fella who spoke english a bit better took my call. He said that password is something different and must be obtained by calling 800-916-8800. They're open M-F, business hours only. Sigh...

They got my $30 for the 3-in-1 credit report and the first month of the service is free, $10/month thereafter. After examining my credit report, Equifax is by far the most frequently used credit bureau used by those inquiring about my report. Out of  20 months and 10 inquiries, 2 were through Transunion and 8 were through Equifax. None were through Experian. This tells me something. The major financial firms that were inquiring perfer Equifax for some reason. Maybe they're better or more accurate. This is something to consider when looking for a personal service too I think. The "Personal Information" shown on my credit report is most accurately listed under Equifax. Actually, it's completely accurate.

My Transunion credit report showed no Equifax account history ratings. I thought this was supposed to be a 3-in-1 report?? There were some Experian ratings though. Maybe Transunion and Equifax don't like each other.

I decided to cancel the Transunion service. I just don't feel comfortable with this company. I will start a subscription with Experian and will let you know.


I enrolled with Experian on about December 28th, 2006. They offered a free 30 day trial. They said I would receive a "Private Access Code" soon and could access the account after that time. On January 9th I had not yet received the "Code". I called on January 11th to cancel. I told them I wasn't pleased with their service and the delay in getting the code. On January 13th I received a letter dated 12/28 with the code. The letter was addressed completely wrong, it was amazing I even got it. No street address, right city, wrong state, correct zip code. If they can't get an easy thing right, how are they doing with the important stuff - like my credit report. I abandoned them.


11/06 - I just enrolled in the Equifax 3-in-1 Gold plan for $129.95, which works out to be 10.83/month. I'll let you know how it goes.

Update 6/08- I've been pleased with Equifax. They are reliable and have a service option that allows you to lock your Equifax credit report. I like that. My cell carrier is listed on their engine that is supposed to message me, but it has never worked. Cost is $149.95/year now with that lock option, or $12.50/mo.

Update 7/10/08- The email and wireless alert functions are still not working. I've emailed them twice about it and it still isn't resolved. What does it take nowadays to get exceptional customer service??? It's really disappointing and a sad state of affairs. Stay tuned for more.


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