Nissan VQ35 Upper Intake Manifold Bolt Torquing Sequence
a.k.a. what size are the bolts and where do they go?

Here's a pic you can download and print out. It will fit on 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper. Tape it to a cardboard box and then poke holes in it with a screwdriver. Put the manifold bolts in their respective positions for easy installation.

If you mess up and get them out of order, here's how to put them right. All numbers are metric. First number is diameter, second is length. The four nuts are the same. Use caution when following these SUGGESTIONS. Even though I was careful when I collected this data, I could have got this wrong. If you put the bolt in and you hit resistance before it seats, don't force it!!! Seek assistance elsewhere. This was for the VQ35 engine in my 2003 Nissan Pathfinder with automatic transmission. If you use this information for any other engine, you do so at your own risk.....

  1. 8 x 56
  2. 8 x 76
  3. 8 x 76
  4. Nut
  5. Nut
  6. 8 x 76
  7. 8 x 28
  8. 8 x 76
  9. 8 x 28
  10. 8 x 28
  11. Nut
  12. 8 x 28
  13. Nut