Acrobat Form Does not Save Changes, Data Does Not Save.

I've been frustrated for years over the fact that I could not save North Dakota's pdf tax forms after filling them out. After saving them, they appear blank when reopened. I use Adobe Acrobat Pro version 6.

I called the ND tax office today and found the answer. I hope it helps someone.

• Open the form
• Click the pages tab on the vertical left nav bar
• Right click on the thumbnails and click Page Properties
• Click the Actions tab
• In the Action section, click on "Run a JavaScript"
• Click Edit
• Clear the contents of this box > click OK > click close
• You can close the left pane now. You should be able to save your changes now.

If you add the following script to the box discussed above, the saved form will erase itself when closed and reopened.

if (!bReset)
bReset = true;}


If you are unable to open pdf files in a IE browser window (seems to lockup IE), you may need to clean out some temp files from your temp directory. Try this:

Delete AR's (Adobe Reader) temp files
Go to Start...Run, type in "cmd", hit Enter.
Type "cd\" (no quotes) <Enter>
Type "del acr*.tmp /s" (no quotes) <Enter>
Close the cmd window.

Acrobat Automatically Opens the File After Conversion

I can't stand it when Adobe opens and displays a converted file. It took a while to find the option setting. Here it is.

Go to Printers and Faxes > Open the Adobe PDF printer properties > Go to the Advanced tab > Click Printing Defaults tab > Go to Adobe PDF settings tab > Uncheck View Adobe PDF Results item.