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and other mail client issues I've run into.

Some stuff for my future reference and maybe help others



If you can't get the password to stay remembered even though you've set that option.Hosting Outlook Express mail files on a server share- It is possible to do this by changing a registry setting. First find where Outlook is storing the mail on the local system, then search the registry for that path. You'll find an item call root something or other. Change that registry setting to point to the server where the mail files are kept. Keep in mind though that if the computer looses its mapping to the server share or the share stops being shared, Outlook will revert to its default file location and the mail will start going to the local system. This may not become obvious to the user and they will happily continue right along until some catastrophe happens only to find the mail wasn't getting backed up. Not Good. It is better to keep the mail on the local system, install Kirby Alarm, create a batch file that runs xcopy and copy the mail files to the server a few times per day. Or use any other backup program that works for you. NTbackup was great for this, especially for Outlook. Too bad Vista destroyed the built-in backup utility.

Are you getting "Unable to open your default email folder Could not open the item. Try again" - Then do this --> Remove the profile in Control Panel > Mail > Profiles