Our cabin was built in 1986 (currently 2011) from large Red Pine logs native to N. WI. The roof was not constructed well, had little insulation, huge ice dams, and draining roof water has caused damage to several of the logs. This summer will be the year that I reconstruct the roof and restore the exterior.

This is my cabin before refinishing. This is a failed Sikkens Cetol 078, a film forming preservative (never again).


The following house is the color I'm looking for. I am considering TWP or Sansin.

I decided on TWP 1500 and spent hours developing a custom mix using 3 different colors. I'm very pleased with the outcome. The following is the receipe.

This is my home in 2017 after installing stone. Click to see full size image. The last time I stained it was 2013. I will restain in 2018.